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Full Professor in Ecology at the Department of Biology, University Federico II, Naples, Italy where I teach Fundamental Ecology (Graduate Diploma in Biology) and Marine Ecology (Master Diploma in “Biology and Ecology and the Marine Environment and Sustainable Use of the Resources”). President of the Marine Biological Symposium and member of the Administration Council of the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn where I have been previously Research Fellow. Member of the PhD School in Biology of University Federico II. I combine descriptive research, manipulative experiments and spatial analysis techniques for gaining a better understanding of the patterns of distribution of marine biodiversity and of the processes shaping marine communities. The final aim is to incorporate this knowledge in a framework of conservation, management and restoration of marine coastal systems. My research activities can be summarized in four lines of research: 1- understanding the drivers of persistence and loss in marine coastal systems, 2- assessing the effects of multiple stressors, 3- design, siting, and effectiveness of protection of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) with the target of introducing MPAs within a Maritime Spatial Planning framework, 4- development of baseline knowledge and experimental approaches to support nature-based solutions to restore macroalgal forests. I’m also involved in several initiatives to reinforce network of researchers and stakeholders involved in the conservation and management of EU and no-EU seas. I’ve been invited as member of the International Committee Margalef Prize for the acknowledgement of excellent scientific careers in the field of ecology and environmental sciences. I’m member of the Board of scientific journals as Scientific Reports and Marine Ecology Progress Series and I have a consolidated experience in the evaluation processes within national and international projects, recruitments and career progress.



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