Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival

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From March 13th to 14th, 2024, NBFC will participate in the Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival in Brussels, an event organized by the European Commission. The theme of "Next Generation Bioeconomy Policies – Achieving a Green and Fair Transition through Competitive Sustainability" will be addressed on this occasion.

The main objective will be to gather valuable insights to inform a dedicated strategy and action plan for promoting sustainable bioeconomy. This project aims to actively engage young people in addressing the challenges Europe faces and fully harnessing the potential of the bioeconomy.

During the event, Stefano Bertacchi, a researcher from spoke 6, will present the Bioeconomy Youth Vision. This is a strategic document developed with the contribution of various youth associations, including the Global Youth Biodiversity Network Europe, coordinated by Cristina Cipriano, a researcher from spoke 4. This vision aims to influence future bioeconomy policies through innovative ideas and a youth perspective.

Join the online conference and register via the following link: http://europa.eu/!wVXWYG




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