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The National Biodiversity Future Center (NBFC) focuses on the Mediterranean region, considered a biodiversity hotspot, in order to address global challenges related to the following:

-Knowledge and protection of Italian biodiversity;
-Monitoring of different species, including rare, endangered and exotic pest species;
-Development of appropriate 'Restoration Ecology' strategies also with the aim of achieving the goals of the Nature Restoration Law;
-Enhancement of biodiversity through innovation actions that produce economic, environmental and social value.
Through targeted research and adoption of new technologies, NBFC provides intervention bodies and territorial administrations with the scientific basis for the establishment and management of protected areas, the design and implementation of efficient monitoring systems, the implementation of ecological restoration programs, and the enhancement of biodiversity to obtain new food, medical, cosmetics, and new materials. An entire sector of the center is dedicated to innovation, the involvement of national and international companies and institutions to support sustainable production processes, stimulate the creation of start-ups and expand green jobs. In this area, the center works with industrial supply chains by identifying process innovations and studying innovative biotechnological solutions that make it possible to promote circular productions, enhancing the value of raw materials and revitalizing strategic sectors for Italy such as the nursery sector, fishing, aquaculture and the production of bioactive compounds. The NBFC is therefore proposed as a national and international reference for generating knowledge and value from biodiversity and transferring them to the territory with the aim of implementing ecosystem services, promoting the well-being of people and generating social and environmental economic value for society.


Ecological degradation, which is considered to be one of the most severe environmental challenges in the world, it represents one of the main issues to be solved by NBFC strategies. Researchers of the Center are involved in many activities dedicated to ascertain the driving factors, processes, approaches and best practices to reverse ecological degradation. These are one of the most key steps to define a suitable restoration ecology strategy.

Concerning Restoration tool and strategy, the NBFC team will define the most suitable science-based restoration interventions, and evidence-based practice supported by innovative tools for the restoration ecology. Moreover one of the main goals is in developing general predictions and broad theories that apply to restoration projects across ecosystems developed in different Italian areas, from the sea to the urban context. NBFC activities are focusing on developing innovative tools to investigate some key elements to consider in restoration ecology programs and also methodologies to analyse disturbing factors. Ecological restoration design, implementation of the existing ones and application of the Nature Based Solutions (NBSs), are carried out in order to measure and monitor the performance of restoration action and quantify the benefits in terms of biodiversity enhancement and ecosystem services, also through pilot studies.

From the activities dedicated to planning sustainable restoration intervention, among the final results there will be also the development of advanced support systems based on machine learning techniques to develop prediction models and the releasing of NBSs catalogue for several Italian environmental areas and the design of supporting tools for the management.


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Biodiversity constitutes the network of life, it is important to preserve it: this was the start of NBFC


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