Urban environment and health

Biodiversity of urban and peri-urban environments

Study and restoration of urban biodiversity through participatory planning actions and effective management models. Understanding urban ecosystem dynamics is the fundamental condition for implementing resilient urban regeneration interventions capable of activating and implementing ecosystem services for human well-being

Spoke 5

In Spoke 5, efforts are being undertaken to map urban biodiversity, develop urban greening plans, and compile a catalog of urban Nature Based Solutions for the Mediterranean. In addition, the activities of this spoke are focusing on the development of plant nursery supply chains from an urban Restoration Ecology perspective by integrating a blockchain to track materials for forestation and on the development of phytotechnologies for urban soil remediation. Monitoring, prevention and enhancing urban ecosystem are ongoing. 22 scientific papers and 45 presentations and dissemination products are published.

Spoke Leader: Andrea Galimberti - Mariachiara Pastore

Enhancement of biodiversity on society

Biodiversity and human well-being. Biodiversity has an impact on the quality of natural resources and the exposome that is responsible for the occurrence of multifactorial diseases that affect humans.The center provides operational guidelines to prevent stressors on diverse categories of citizens and promote healthier lifestyles by comprehending the correlation between biodiversity and human well-being. This includes utilizing biodiversity to produce novel foods, drugs, and medical devices

Spoke 6

In Spoke 6, research and identification of microorganisms and microbial enzymes involved in the treatment of waste and pollutant is currently ongoing. Until now, cohorts and sites for air quality analysis have been identified. Analysis is underway to identify biomarkers related to some noncommunicable diseases, and studies on the causes and effects of the green barrier on air quality have begun. 600 species have been sampled, and characterization, analysis, and testing are now underway to identify possible molecules of interest for application purposes. In addition, work has been done to identify public and private restoration enterprises and initiatives as case studies of novel business models for biodiversity restoration. Fourteen scientific articles and 20 presentations and dissemination products were published.

Spoke Leader: Danilo Porro - Hellas Cena



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