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The National Biodiversity Future Center (NBFC) is the first National Research and Innovation Center dedicated to biodiversity, funded by the MUR through European Union funds - NextGenerationEU. It is a coordinating structure that unites and enhances research efforts, while simultaneously making knowledge and technologies accessible to diverse actors working on theterritory. There are more than 2,000 researchers from research centers, universities and companies working within the center implementing basic, applied and innovation research actions dedicated to Mediterranean biodiversity to generate value for the country. The objective of this project is to identify suitable strategies for monitoring, conserving, restoring and valorising the biodiversity of species and habitats in different Italian regions. The Center provides scientific knowledge and technological innovation that make it possible to face biodiversity loss, support ecosystem resilience, monitor endangered species, and restore disturbed biological communities, contributing to the goal of protecting 30% of Italy's territory by 2030, as required by the European Union. The NBFC also has the important function of training young researchers and qualified workers l and transferring to the territory the knowledge and skills needed to protect the natural heritage, as enshrined in Article 9 of the Constitution, and generate socio-economic value. Through participatory research actions, shared planning and citizen science activities, the NBFC contributes to generate the culture of nature, bringing the knowledge of biodiversity to different contexts starting from school of different levels, raising public awareness and supporting policy makers in land planning and management.

Structure of the Center

To manage and develop such a complex collaboration network, the Center was designed following the Hub&Spoke model, which is divided into 6 thematic Spokes dedicated to the sea, land and wetlands, and cities. To these are added 2 cross spokes dedicated respectively to training, communication, knowledge sharing, and innovation and policies also through international connections. The core element of NBFC is the multidisciplinary scientific knowledge and expertise of researchers, the wide availability of information aggregated in the Biodiversity Digital Platform, and the close link with the territory (protected areas, businesses, institutions). A key element of the center is the link with local intervention structures and citizens (Citizen Science) through dedicated projects and specific knowledge tools. It is possible to collaborate with the center both through research and innovation calls dedicated to specific projects and through national and international protocols and collaboration agreements aimed at enhancing research and innovation and transforming them into value for biodiversity and the territory.

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Network management and development system

HUB & Spoke model

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National Biodiversity Future Center

Biodiversity constitutes the network of life, it is important to preserve it: this was the start of NBFC


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