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Culture of Nature

The knowledge of nature, the languages of biodiversity, and the sharing of strategies for the protection and enhancement of natural resources are essential to support the ecological transition by providing the community with adequate knowledge and sharing educational and training paths capable of generating value from nature.

Spoke 7

Spoke 7 signed an agreement with Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome to host the Biodiversity exhibition, launched the naturalistic and scientific photography competition, and began the production of theatrical performances. The production of data journalism products on the Center's data was commissioned, and the survey on public perceptions of biodiversity has been concluded. Furthermore, the digitization of the 4 million museum artifacts commenced in early December, and the agreement for the national facility for natural collections was formally signed. Spoke 7 events included 1 national kick off and 1 PhD meeting. In the area of education, there are 34 DIN grants, 5 seasonal schools and 2 master's degrees.

Spoke Leader: Isabella Saggio - Luigi Bubacco

Innovation and biodiversity policies

Biodiversity is an immense resource that can be utilized to construct sustainable development models by incorporating businesses, entities and institutions. Through dedicated tools, the center promotes innovation, starting with research and knowledge of biodiversity. It supports national and international policies for sustainable development, which can foster employment and well-being

Spoke 8

Spoke 8 is organizing multiple meetings to promote staff mobility tools at embassies of internationals, particularly from Central and South America, as well as constant meetings with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to identify appropriate intervention challenges for the development of innovative technologies related to biodiversity. At the European level, it is collaborating with actors involved in biodiversity research and enhancement (e.g., JRC, OECD). Spoke 8 aims to broaden and strengthen the innovation in the area of Biodiversity by providing assistance for initiatives and product development that are in addition to the scientific spoke's activities. To date, the 10 million call for parks and marine protected areas has been closed, and a further 4 million call for parks and marine protected areas, as well as the 20 million call for SMEs, are currently in progress.

Spoke Leader: Maria Carmela Basile - Giuseppe Gigli



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Biodiversity constitutes the network of life, it is important to preserve it: this was the start of NBFC


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